December 11, 1943

My Darling Flora:

Gee, I wish that I could get some leave and come where you are; here is something peculiar. I can give my men a weeks leave and I am, but they can’t go very far in such a short time; most of them are enjoying themselves even if they only have a few days off. I haven’t had an official day off from my duty since December, 1941, so some of these days when I do get an official leave I ought to get quite a few days, don’t you think so; dear? And when I do I hope I shall be in a place so that I can come to you and be where you are for several days.

Gee, dearie, you have made me happy; I can hardly wait until your Christmas parcel arrives here; I think that I know what it will be and I am going to like it a lot. Gosh, darling, you are sweet; you’re such a darling to me. Gee, if we could be with each other right now; everything would be so wonderful and heavenly.

Your description of things and places in your letters are great. A moonlight night at the beach; that would be wonderful, Dearie. I’ve been at this place for nearly a month now and the time has gone passed very quickly.

How did you spend your Christmas vacation? Did you get to see your girlfriend who was going to have her first baby?

Gee, but I wanted to be there where you are during Christmas; everything would’ve been so swell.

I know you won’t mind, Dearie, if I tell you that I’m very fond of little children. Someday, I hope that we have a little girl or boy who will call us mama and daddy; then our lives will be so complete and beautiful. I no longer think of you and I as individuals, but my thoughts are always of “us” together, I like to think that way and it seems so swell.

I’m trying to make this an interesting letter, and I hope you will enjoy this letter as much as I am enjoying myself in writing it.

Don’t believe that you would recognize me right now; I have a fairly nice tan. The flies and mosquitoes here are fairly bad. There is a kind of so-called sandfly here which really does bite; it is a large green fly. Even though you slap them, they just seem to get up and fly off again.

This isn’t a very large camp but the officers that I keep with are very nice fellows; I hope that I always get into nice groups of men.

Darling, just think back about the swell Sunday afternoon we were with each other last August 9; remember how we tried to keep warm by the fire place which you kept filled with coke (while I sat there watching you). I hope that we always have a fireplace in our home, don’t you Dearie?

I am enclosing a couple more photos that I think you will like to see; these are my cousins children and they surely have grown up since I saw them last. I think the photos are real good. Hope you’re getting my letter regularly. Gee, I’m happy about the telegram that you sent to me.

My love to you dear, Bertine.


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